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A Free Traffic Trading Script With Advanced Anticheat and Security Features

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This script has very advanced anticheat and security system!
If you are a cheater go away NOW!
Sending lots of raw hits will not help you here!
Sending lots of proxy hits will not help you here!
Sending hitbot traffic will not help you here!
Sending lots of crap country traffic will not help you here!
Sending lots of HEAD requests will not help you here!
All security violations and hacking attempts are logged (included IP and Proxy)
We also have detailed 24 hours stats.
Forcing good traffic and then switching to crap will be detected too.
Hitbots and leechers are filtered on the fly, so do not even try it!
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Vi accepterar endast trafikbyten med nordiska hemsidor.
Vi accepterar inte sidor som använder popups, visus eller skadliga script.
Fuskare och bedragare blir omedelbart bannade från vårt nätverk.

Fler hemsidor att byta trafik med!

Topplistan uppdateras varje timme!

URL: http://www.linje24.se/reklam/banner15.gif

Send Traffic To: http://www.linje24.se/topplistan.php
Admin EMail: info@linje24.se
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